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Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.


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i live a short walk from Milo's but rarely have a purpose in that direction past the Whole Foods and Walgreens. Had some time to throw around today so I wandered further in search of food because I had no particular cravings. I didn't get very far, clearly. but I'm glad I stopped because I was super impressed with how well seasoned and cooked my shawarma plate was. Ordered the 2-way Combo with Falafel and Chicken Shawarma. The basmati rice was seasoned lightly but well, chicken was perfectly cooked, and the falafel was the right texture you hope for. I'll definitely be back!


2 reviews
Milo's Pita is my go to place. I didn't think that a restaurant could iteratively improve their quality of food (which was already pretty good to begin with), but I've observed a dramatic improvement in the quality of their dishes without any compromise on price or quantity. That's pretty darned impressive. Would recommend them to anyone on a heartbeat..


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This has to be the best food i have ever ordered on Grubhub, I only ordered from because another order was canceled, and did not want to order pizza. I was very surprised at the size of the hummus, and the chos3 combo dinner. it was enough for 2 days for both. I only suggest you order extra pitas.


1 review
First time ordering from here and I am pleasantly surprised ( since I am sceptic of everything)
I loved it, was tasty and fresh and felt like I was doing something good for my body at the same time as enjoying the food.....
Will definitely be ordering again,,,,, soon


1 review
Im a costumer for a few years now, back when it had another name... but the most important thing is that the quality and the flavor and freshness of the food never changed!!!!!
I love it, I always recommend it to my friends and I also recommend it to you.

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